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An Innovative Design In Gardening Equipment

When you need a tool with the proper leverage and heft to break up hard earth, turn to BOLDI-TOOL. This revolutionary gardening device was specifically developed as a weeding tool for nuisance plants in tough surfaces like gravel and caliche. It is also great for getting into tight spaces like where fence posts meet or where the house meets the porch. Using the power of leverage, BOLDI-TOOL is also ideal for digging, especially where you need to break up hard earth without using water.

Why Choose BOLDI-TOOL?

This versatile little tool is perfect for the many areas where shovel or a small spade cannot reach. BOLDI-TOOL's unique design allows it to get into hard-to-reach areas and awkward angles, such as next to a house, along a sidewalk, or against a fence. You'll be amazed by how many yard and gardening work can be done with this simple, storable tool, such as:

  • Boring Holes for Plants, Trees, & Landscaping
  • Removing Cacti, Rose Bushes, & Shrubbery
  • Digging Trenches
  • Irrigation
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